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Starman Forever

Hello heroes, spacemen, rebels, mimes, goblins, Jean Genies, diamond dogs, cat people and pretty things! (oof!)

It was an extremely sad day yesterday as I woke up to the news of David Bowie's immediate reaction was to convince myself it was a hoax; there are very few celebrities/musicians/artists that I truly value and he was among them. He has inspired me for as long as I can remember and he will continue to do so, Labyrinth was always my favourite film growing up; he is not gone or forgotten. He has simply returned to the stars and, yes, yesterday they did indeed look very different. I still can't quite believe it and I will continue to play his songs on repeat while I revise for my exams!

So, this look is my expression of love for everything he embodied - his creativity, boldness, trueness to himself and outrageous excellence - and also a combination of my favourite Bowie looks over the years. We will never have anyone quite like Ziggy, may he rest among the stardust.

IMG 0035

Suspended in the balance

Hello Humans!

This look is the result of procrastination from work. As is everything I do in my "life"...*sigh*.

Averting that existential crisis, I got this B-E-A-UTIFUL wig from and couldn't be happier with it (so of course i had to show it off on here ;). Once I grab hold of a tripod, I will show ALL 2 of you who read this the full version! Consider yourselves privileged *pops party popper unenthusiastically*.

The one thing that is very special about this post is that it's the first appearance of my hat! (Can't you at least pretend to be excited?). Their name is Charlie Chaplin. Charlie Chaplin is my ultimate go-to accessory and saves me from bad hair days in style. Stay tuned next week for the touching love story.

Well it's pretty obvious what this look is inspired by so, please leave a comment and/or share if you enjoyed this post!

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IMG 9680

What's 1000 minus 7?

Demons and ghosts and ghouls, oh my!

Since I am suffering from post-halloween blues, I recreated my halloween look so I could show you all (using good quality photos and not shit iphone pictures).

If you are thinking "what the fuck is that title about?"...go watch Tokyo Ghoul (yes, both seasons) and come back. If you don't like anime - haha - only joking, I know that's not possible.

So, I dressed up as a ghoul inspired the anime "Tokyo Ghoul" for halloween. I didn't cosplay as any of the characters in particular; although i did buy Kaneki's mask because it's awesome (obviously). Instead, I just went with the overall "look" of a ghoul!

As ever the list of products for this look is at the bottom.

Enjoy and please share/comment if you like it!

IMG 9548

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Death

Greetings mortal souls.

This post fits in very well for the build-up to halloween that is happening this weekend!

Today, I am the horseman of death ready to reap your souls (so please line up in an orderly queue and prepare yourself).

Since this is the last horseman for makeup series, i'll be moving onto something exciting and new after halloween, so try stay alive until then. ;)

Also, I am planning to finally buy a tripod so I can take outfit pictures again (Rejoice!).

*Products used listed at the bottom*

IMG 9510

"This is one little planet in one tiny solar system in a galaxy that’s barely out of its diapers. I’m old, Dean. Very old. So I invite you to contemplate how insignificant I find you."

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