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Back to the Near Future

How are you all today?

Some of you may of heard about the new shoes Nike are hoping to release in 2015.

But for those of you who haven't...

Introducing Marty's self-tying trainers from "Back to the Future II"


All those years of rubbing your face against the TV scene in desperation and wonderment are soon (hopefully) to be a faint memory. Even better, the fact that they might be released next year and that 2015 is the same year Marty says the shoes are from is just mind-blowing in itself... Fair play Nike.

~ The Hare ~

Halloween friendly fashions that don’t beat up your wallet

Konnichiwa! How are all you Kits today?

So I recently read this article and after seeing all the A-list clothing decided to write this, more student friendly, post.

Plus, If you're like me and enjoy keeping all the chocolate to yourself, you'll want to be out of the house when the demons come knocking.

And yes they are better than those knitted pumpkin cardigans from grandma...I promise.

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