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My Dark Siren

~ Wylona Hayashi ~


Welcome back!


She truly is a beautiful nightmare.

I can feel her ever-changing eyes burning into my soul (don’t stop...ever).

Her images are a great source of inspiration for dark outfits, especially black on black, and how to look completely badass while retaining a stunning sense of beauty...just look at that makeup!

WH 2WH 1WH 4


Check her out on Facebook!

She also loves fan art and who could ask for a more perfect canvas?


~ The Hare ~


My Japanese Siren

~ Hirari Ikeda ~


Konnichiwa Kits!


Today i am going to talk about one of my loves who belongs to the magical kingdom of Japan. Those of you who follow Tokyo Fashion or actually live in Japan (You lucky bitches) may have seen her stunning portrait around as she is sensational!


HI 2HI 3HI 4


She works as a model and has an AMAZING style sense which i wish to share with you all to inspire you...Not only is her fashion super Kawaii but her makeup and hair completely transforms her looks as well so don’t be afraid to pick up a few tricks my little Kits.


~ To be different is to be ALIVE ~


Hirari is on facebook, Instagram and Tumblr.

Link to her Blog in my "Blog Roll".


~ The Hare ~

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