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Moomin Celebration!

It's Tove's 100th Anniversary this month so lets celebrate the timeless cartoon that is Moomin! Today, I have put together some outfits inspired by the characters of MoominLand. Enjoy!


To complete the Snufkin persona you must become a hippie and rid yourself of the worldly possessions that have burdened you for so long. Live in a tent and learn the harmonica, smoke a pipe and surround yourself in pretty flowers. Also, develop a dislike for the authorities and anything that symbolises privacy. Bascially, live at a festival and never change your clothes...remember snufkin has been wearing the same thing since he was born! We can only presume that his high level of happiness in these conditions and his rebellious attitude towards authority figures is all down to what is in his pipe...but remember kids, DRUGS ARE BAD M'KAY!

Happy Easter!

So its that time of year again....Easter. Really it should be renamed "the celebration of chocolate" (sorry Jesus)...which means we are all one step closer to getting diabetes. *yaaaaaay* But hey! Its an excuse to get a special outfit so its all OK.

To find the easter bunny you must BECOME the easter bunny, if you believe you will succeed.


Valar Morghulis

So the first episode of the new "Game Of Thrones" series aired yesterday giving me the perfectly rational excuse to consider buying GoT themed clothing...who am I kidding? I shouldn't even be considering, I should be BUYING. However, the official merch for Game of Thrones costs a pretty penny and since I am not a master of coin I have opted for alternatives; thus saving me from flooding my keyboard with tears because I looked at the official merchandise.

And for all of you who joined me for the 2 AM showing of it...I salute you.

And for all of you who then rewatched it after recording me...whats your number again?

By the way, next episode is going to be EPIC...Thank you 'ThroneCast' for the preview ;)

Anyway anyway we are going off on a tangent. Have a look at some of amazing GoT themed clothing which should definitely be worn EVERY week for EVERY episode. (Links Below)

Occult Engravings

I'll stop wearing black when they invent a darker colour.

IMG 6807IMG 6806

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