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Hey Kits! The name’s Anne and here's a humble welcome to my little space on the internet.

Here’s the thing. I’m no big name in the industry by a long shot.


  • I don’t have 14,000 followers on any social stalking websites or my own team of paparazzi trying to snap some naked photos.
  • I don’t have years of professional experience in the industry.
  • I don’t have a fancy title or a shirt with my own face on it...Yet.
  • I am just a student and I haven't graduated with a degree that has suddenly allowed me to write this post.

And I sure as shit never thought I would end up here...with some strangers reading my every word. But i assure you we won't be strangers for very way or another (cue manical laughter).

But here I am. Writing on my little online matrix and currently loving every sexy second of it.

I guess I better give you a little context before you begin to think that I downed some opium and vodka half an hour before i wrote this. My short time as a 'blogger' can be summed up in a brief trip down the slightly less glamourous yellow brick road. Cue the music.

I've always been a bystander in life, yeah i had won a few awards and high praise was never really a big deal. At any rate, I carried on designing and painting because that was 'what i was good at' and promptly spent some years forgetting about the fact that i could actually do something with it.

Instead, I just drifted through the space time continuum, obssessively spent my time on buzzfeed and eventually stumbled across a blog online that was created by someone i knew. The marbles hit the floor after some years of accumulating an impressive collection of videogames and filling up my memory with harry potter quotes. I realized how unbelievably stupid it was that I had such a love for clothes and had even created my own; yet here I was doing nothing about it. I was done with that. Next, I quit my imaginary job and started planning. This was something that taught me to stop running away from change and instead, begin to slowly undress it and make it do a sexy dance.

I’ll be keeping myself busy on this blog updating internal and external content, fashioning articles out of sequins & popsicle sticks, doing industry research, and generally stirring up a ruckus the way a nice stalker should.

My Long-term goal? This experience better pave the way.

Until next time...Help spread the pandemic further by stalking me social media! Links are at the top of my page :3

See you on the other side Kits!

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