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Halloween friendly fashions that don’t beat up your wallet

Konnichiwa! How are all you Kits today?

So I recently read this article and after seeing all the A-list clothing decided to write this, more student friendly, post.

Plus, If you're like me and enjoy keeping all the chocolate to yourself, you'll want to be out of the house when the demons come knocking.

And yes they are better than those knitted pumpkin cardigans from grandma...I promise.

1) Pretty much the whole Killstar catalogue. 


Some Satanic, Negative, Death wishes...what more do you need? Hail Satan!

2) One word. Etsy



3) And if you are yet to outgrow your love for vampires...


And the newfound desire for your fangs will still be a better love story than Twilight. 


4) For all the girls who know that "Too many Tights is never enough"


Those images just sum up the complete awesomeness that is Black Milk.


5) All Tricks, No Treats


Fit for the Pumpkin King himself! Jack Skellington himself would be proud of these Opposuits. No treats for me though as these are men's suits only. Make me proud boys!




Secretly you love them.


7) Everyone needs a bit o' Frankenstein's Monster for those Frightening nights out.


*All Items found on


8) All Tied Up.


*More happiness that was found on

~ The Hare ~

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