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I went to London not so long ago; for me that basically meant free japanese food, a good excuse to wear something other than PJ's and time to get outside to low-key play Pokemon Go. Wooo! Look at me venturing past my front door and shit. 



PROTIP! (yes, I watch too much regrets)- If you ever feel that an item of clothing needs a bit more "OOMPH", badges/pins are a great addition! With no sewing or commitment required, they add subtle pockets of colour and pattern that almost act as body jewellery. I also love that they can be little snipets of personality and memories. I thought this jacket was a bit too grey when I bought it so I decided to completely load it with all my old badges! For example, all the punk pins are mementos from my punk/emo/goth period (IDK, something along those lines) from my early teens. My "Smart Arse" and "Clever Dick" badges are a relatively new addition from my freshers week at university from the LGBT society; I loved them as soon as I got them, definitely worthy additions. My Totoro pin is an ode to one of my favourite film studios, Studio Ghibli, and my undying admiration and respect for the Anime genre. One of my favourites is actually the "Pedo Bear Seal of Approval", although it doesn't have the same humourous effect as it did when I was 14 and wearing reminds me of my love for crude old memes that I remember being wildly popular when I was younger (Anyone remember Geddan/Get Down?, inspired by Golden Eye 007? Just me? Well I still have the song "Promise" on my phone and sing along in jibberish Japanese). I've been collecting badges for years, I never meant to actually start a was just a happy accident! 

IMG 0361IMG 0362

Lately I've started to experiment with using makeup on my nose and cheeks (other than making rainbow freckles) as I sometimes think that my heavy eye-makeup can make my look seem too "top heavy" so the makeup in the center of my face can really help balance it out when I don't feel like using a heavy lipstick. That being said, this look would of been great with a really strong blue lipstick to match my eyeshadow.

~ Outfit details featuring my new, 100% truth telling, trainers from Reebok ~ 


I hope this post goes to show that mixing prints can definitely be done and shouldn't seem like a scary concept! I always just throw things together; for me, the key thing is that the colour palette is consistent throughout the whole outift (I'm an avid fan of themes in outfits). For example, my shoes match my socks in colour with the red reoccuring in my plaid top. My tattoo undertop matches the different shades of blue in my hair/earrings and the red in my top/shoes. The yellow in the skirt acts to break up the reoccuring colours in the rest of the outfit so it doesn't become too "same-y" while the other colours in the skirt still match the rest. And ofcourse, my makeup is just using the main colours of the outfit. Are you still with me? Yeah...this is how I put together outfits in my head. @.@

Ja ne! 

x Anne-chan x