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"Dearly Beloved...We are gathered here today, to get through this thing called life."

Prince to me is just as much about the unapologetic style as he is about the music. It's great to know that Prince was a similar height to me so that his style will automatically suit me...that's how it works right? RIGHT!?

Obviously I had to channel a bit of Prince into my outift to go see the outdoors screening of "Purple Rain" in Preston Park Manor...I don't feel like I did him much justice, this look is a little subdued compared to my usual attire...(it's hard to walk in platforms across an uneven English park ok?!). I actually own a burgundy/pinkish beret but it's velvet meaning it can't take rain, and since this is England, I was too scared to wear'll just have to imagine how beautifully fitting it would of been for the outfit.


 I may have spent the whole film staring at his fabulous purple jacket with the studs on one side (you know the one!), trying to analyse the details so I can make myself one. BUT NEVERMIND! I tried! I was actually severely disappointed with everyone elses wardrobe choices, I know I shouldn't judge but when you turn up to a prince screening and see no purple attire except for a couple of purple cardigans...come on guys...where are your frilly bow tops and shoulder pads!?  (I didn't manage to take a picture of the jacket I was wearing but it was a loose, long structured blazer which blazed behind me like a cape in the wind...I hope prince would approve).  

IMG 0306IMG 0288

There was such a great atmosphere at the prince screening, I was one of the only young people there, but everyone was singing and clapping along as well as one adorably scruffy little dog next to me barking with all the cheers. Everyone embraced the hilarious over-the-top 80s acting that just makes the film oh so Prince. Every once in a while, someone would shout "WE LOVE YOU PRINCE" or become the "Directors Commentary" section on a film; that last bit was especially true during the sexual scenes in the film (which again are extremely Prince) where English awkwardness prevailed through scatterings of gasps and "well that's a bit naughty". Keep being you England. 

Ofcourse, the best part of the evening was seeing Prince perform Purple Rain in the film's finale, everyone was singing at the top of their lungs, waving their 2016 lighters in the air (sounds better than *iphone torches*). Some people even got up to was great to see how Prince affects people with his extreme energy and eternal music. 

I could of fit so many Prince quotes into this post but I'm sure that would of lead to many people breaking out into song...I'll let you do that on your own ;)

"Life is just a party and parties weren't meant to last"

Stay fabulous! 

x Anne-chan x


*** Side Note: I've finally finished my tripod and camera set-up so expect a lot more fashion posts of my outfits! HUZZAR! ***

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