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Hello Humans!

Last week, I received a set of "claws" and a faux septum from the brand Tribal Vault! They sell a wide range of really awesome alternative accessories like the items I am wearing in the pictures below and look super badass. I wore the claws and septum for a good few hours without any sort of discomfort or problem which is great because the last faux septum I bought felt like it pinched my nose slightly after a short while. This one didn't do that at all and it doesn't feel like it will easily slip off either. The little details on it really add to the overall style of it as well and is really well made for the price.

IMG 0140

On to the claws! So, I received a set of claws which contains 5; I prefer just wearing them all on one hand because, especially since it's my first time trying them out, I found it was a bit harder to use my hand while wearing them. Although, they are wonderful for clawing other people (no you didn't hear this from me, that was totally your own idea ok?) and they are a lot more comfortable than I expected them to be. The claws themselves are very mouldable so they can fit exactly to your fingers and there is zero chance of them slipping off; this is amazing if you have slim fingers like myself. Obviously, the best thing about them is that they look fucking badass and make you feel like the incredibly well-dressed villain in a film (I can totally see Maleficent rocking a set of these).

IMG 0149

As for the makeup, the sharp edginess of my new claws made me want to do some angular makeup so I ended up with a more extreme version of the "cut out eyeliner" trend with some gold glitter (which doesn't show very well in the photos) in the "cut". A list of the products I used for this look is below!

IMG 0123

Visit Tribal Vault's Website -

They are also on instagram as tribalvault !

See you after I finish clawing at people with my new claws >:)

~ Anne-chan ~

Makeup Products List:

Skin: MAC "Studio Finish" Concealer & MAC "Studio Fix" Powder. Benefit "Hoola" Bronzer & Yves Saint Laurent Blush on cheekbones.

Eyes: Maybelline "Master Ink" Eyeliner & Maybelline "Master Smokey" Jumbo shadow-pencil. Also used Barry M loose gold glitter.

Lips: MAC Concealer as base. Cheap generic black eyeliner pencil (used as a lip liner). Stargazer Gold Lipstick & Saffron Black Lipstick. Also used the Barry M gold glitter at center of lips.