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Hello Humans!

This look is the result of procrastination from work. As is everything I do in my "life"...*sigh*.

Averting that existential crisis, I got this B-E-A-UTIFUL wig from and couldn't be happier with it (so of course i had to show it off on here ;). Once I grab hold of a tripod, I will show ALL 2 of you who read this the full version! Consider yourselves privileged *pops party popper unenthusiastically*.

The one thing that is very special about this post is that it's the first appearance of my hat! (Can't you at least pretend to be excited?). Their name is Charlie Chaplin. Charlie Chaplin is my ultimate go-to accessory and saves me from bad hair days in style. Stay tuned next week for the touching love story.

Well it's pretty obvious what this look is inspired by so, please leave a comment and/or share if you enjoyed this post!

Product list at the bottom.

IMG 9680


IMG 9700

IMG 9676

~ See you next week! ~


Product List

  • Coastal Scents pallete used on eyes, eyebrows, cheeks and forehead.
  • Jumbo kohl liners in black and white by maybelline and benefit - for chin and lip stripes and to intensify eyeshadows on eyes and cheeks.
  • Stargazer white liquid eyeliner for eye (including "dots"), eyelashes, eyebrow and yin/yang symbol.
  • Maybelline black eyeliner for eye (and "dots") and yin/yang symbol.
  • Cheap brand black and white lipsticks (and using black eyeliner to neaten line in middle)
  • MAC mascara, studio fix face powder and concealer.

***NOTE: I edited my pupils on photoshop since I don't own any lenses (yet)***

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