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What's 1000 minus 7?

Demons and ghosts and ghouls, oh my!

Since I am suffering from post-halloween blues, I recreated my halloween look so I could show you all (using good quality photos and not shit iphone pictures).

If you are thinking "what the fuck is that title about?"...go watch Tokyo Ghoul (yes, both seasons) and come back. If you don't like anime - haha - only joking, I know that's not possible.

So, I dressed up as a ghoul inspired the anime "Tokyo Ghoul" for halloween. I didn't cosplay as any of the characters in particular; although i did buy Kaneki's mask because it's awesome (obviously). Instead, I just went with the overall "look" of a ghoul!

As ever the list of products for this look is at the bottom.

Enjoy and please share/comment if you like it!

IMG 9548

IMG 9552

"I was wrong. I wasn't eating ghouls. I'm the one who was being eaten."

IMG 9566

Now, go watch Tokyo Ghoul. That is all.


Products used:

  • Coastal Scents Pallete (for eyes, blush, above lips and fingers)
  • Maybelline "Master Ink" Matte Black Eyeliner (for all eye details and nose lines)
  • Maybelline Jumbo black Kohl eyeliner (for tightlining, waterline and chin stripe)
  • Maybelline "Super Stay 24 Color" in "Cherry Pie" and "Ruby Rush" (for lips and fingers)
  • *Wig & Mask were bought on eBay!*



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