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Root Vegetables are shockingly stylish

Konnichiwa Kits!

Here are some hopefully valuable tips from some glamour potatoes.


1. Don't be afraid of metallic

potato 19

2. Wearing the same colour (or print) can be figure flattering

potato 18

3. Stripes will always be in fashion

potato 17

4. Adding accessories is great for adding impact

potato 1

5. ...but not too many...silly potato

potato 15

6. Wear something that makes you comfortable in your skin

potato 14

7. Colour blocking is classic

potato 13

8. Wanna make a bold statement? Wear red!

potato 12

9. Try something patterns.

potato 11

9. Neutrals are good in the wardrobe (even if they are shoved to the back like mine)

potato 10

11. Find something that works? Stick with it! ...potato? What you doing up there!?

potato 9

12. Layering can provide an interesting look so don't forget it.

potato 8

13. Try something different...again.

potato 7

14. Add small pops of colour 

potato 6

15. OPPS! Forgot Swimwear (for the summer we have every 5 years)

Potato 5

16. Swap accessories for a day to night look

potato 4

17. Be confident like these lil' guys

potato 3

And last but not least (god this is cheesy)
18. Love yourself!

potato 2



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