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Moomin Celebration!

It's Tove's 100th Anniversary this month so lets celebrate the timeless cartoon that is Moomin! Today, I have put together some outfits inspired by the characters of MoominLand. Enjoy!


To complete the Snufkin persona you must become a hippie and rid yourself of the worldly possessions that have burdened you for so long. Live in a tent and learn the harmonica, smoke a pipe and surround yourself in pretty flowers. Also, develop a dislike for the authorities and anything that symbolises privacy. Bascially, live at a festival and never change your clothes...remember snufkin has been wearing the same thing since he was born! We can only presume that his high level of happiness in these conditions and his rebellious attitude towards authority figures is all down to what is in his pipe...but remember kids, DRUGS ARE BAD M'KAY!



To complete this look, tie your hair in a updo and perfect the resting bitchface. Also, make sure that any debate you get in to you WIN using your flawless logic and emotion - along with personal attacks and exaggerations of their claims to ridicule them. Another critical element is the non-verbal communication such as rolling your eyes and sighing heavily. Sarcasm and bluntness are your friends. Now you are prepared to terrorise your fellow companions!



Snufkin Outfit:

Mustard knit scarf - Etsy

Green over the knee socks - ASOS

Leather ankle boots - ASOS

Green wide brim hat - ASOS Marketplace

Daisy headband - Etsy

Green two-layer dress - Etsy

Snufkin bracelet - Etsy

Snufkin knit bag - Etsy


Little My Outfit:

Black Gloves - ASOS

Red Velvet Dress - ASOS

Black Tights - Anywhere on the earth and probably in space

Pink Bow Tie - ASOS

Black Boots - ASOS

Little My Backpack - ArtBox


MoominTroll & Snorkmaiden Outfits:

Both Dresses - Frockasaurus on Etsy

MoominTroll Boots - Etsy

Earrings - Etsy

Blue Bracelet - Etsy

Wooden Necklace - Etsy

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