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I don't believe that current trends should dictate what people wear. However, I do know that a lot of people , sadly, do follow the fashion police. This post is to show all those people that they should BE FREE because some fashions that are "not trendy" are way more awesome. Or in the case of the crappy YOLO and hashtags on T-shirts, ALL trends are cooler.

Fashion is a circle, not a straight line. All trends come back in style eventually, we just need to help it along a bit! 

1) Headscarves - You all remember these? Yeah, they remind me of my ten year old self trying to be a hippie too...Oh wait, i still wear these BUT just imagine...As an adult, no more bad hair days and you'll look like you just stepped out of an old fashioned french film. Plus, they come in all patterns and colours so they suit all skin tones and outfits. (Just be careful of fancy cars with the roof down...think Bridget Jone's romantic weekend with Daniel Cleaver)

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 2) Double Denim - You either love it or you hate it. Denim lasts forever and is probably one of the only fabrics which looks more awesome when its breaking in front of your eyes. Who even said you couldn't wear more than one denim item at once? Probably crazy people. FUN FACT: Some prisons use denim for the uniforms! Oh...Wait...That's not encouraging is it?

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3) Shoulder Pads - I LOVE THESE. I still wear these so screw the fact they are out of fashion. These are especially great for creating angular lines in an outfit and can make a mid range suit go from meh to fantastic; that applys to both men and women suits. Bonus, If you're a short girl then you can make up for what you lack in height  and totally say "Fuck You" to all the tall people... of course you may have to stand on a chair to do so. WORTH IT.



4) Flares -  These are a huge style statement and make your waist look tiny! Or you can pretend you came from the past like some washed up Doctor Who and shout "WHAT YEAR IS THIS? MY EXPERIMENT WORKED?!"

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5) Skirt Suits - Why did these even disappear to begin with? They are extremely sophisticated and easy to put on (nobody wants to start their day with a war with their jeans). They also create an hourglass silhouette due to the shape which some women prefer to the possibly bulky suit. Anything with suit in name is probably going to great, just use that as a rule of thumb - except shell suits.



6) Long-Line Swimwear - No. Weird. Tan. Lines. Ever. I wore a triangle bikini on holiday and now have pasty white triangle stencils on my body. Great look right? Although, being the pasty white girl I am, the tan isn't that noticeable, but trust me it's not a good look. Anyway, these retro looking wonders hide all the bumps and lumps which is a god send compared to the strings that are sold today for beach wear.

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7) Driving Gloves - Stop your hands from peeling like a lizard and look badass. Especially if the knuckles are cut out. Think Penelope Pitstop and curb your road rage!

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8) Gold Lamé - Reflects light like a disco ball and is completely impractical in terms of colour and material. Which, of course, means that it should be worn to parties. This is pure party.



9) Geometric Tailoring - Contrast is a powerful thing in fashion and geometric tailoring was all about contrast. The best is when primary, bold colours were paired up with black or their opposite for the ultimate statement. Teamed up with thick, black eyeliner and you look like a muse for Pablo Picasso. 



10) Marabou Feathers - I'm not sure if these should be on here as i have seen a multitude of these on Etsy and in fashion shoots. However, I think the over-the-top nature can put people off wearing them as street wear. Admit it though, if society didn't find these weird, people would be wearing these on their blazers and capes shaking their shoulders to see the feathers fluff up around them.

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