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Invisibility Cloak

I don't really have anything interesting to blog about this week as i've mostly been curled up in a blanket playing video-games and watching my favourite youtubers. I decided to go on the nostalgia train and play Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets on PS2; it was actually the first game I ever got on the PS2 when I was about 6. It's quite funny actually, when I opened the case I found the registration for our's been in there since about 2003. I also found my old print out of a walkthrough for all the "Wizard Cards" (back from the days when all your cheats were either printed or scrawled in a notebook) and it had loads of random numbers jotted down the sides which made no fucking sense. Also, it was a really shitty walkthrough, it didn't even have all the card locations and some of them are just like "IDK, somewhere in the dark forest". This was especially helpfully when, early on in the game, you crash into the Whomping Willow (Obviously.). The walkthrough said "This card is in the forest on the way to school"....OH HOW DETAILED OF YOU(!) It's not like I spent 5 minutes trying to get Harry's shitty jumping animation to work so I could jump across a HIDDEN platform and find a HIDDEN treasure chest. Sorry game, I love you dearly, all shitty game controls included. See? I told you I had nothing to blog about this week ;)

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Clashing Patterns

I went to London not so long ago; for me that basically meant free japanese food, a good excuse to wear something other than PJ's and time to get outside to low-key play Pokemon Go. Wooo! Look at me venturing past my front door and shit. 


Purple Rain


"Dearly Beloved...We are gathered here today, to get through this thing called life."

Prince to me is just as much about the unapologetic style as he is about the music. It's great to know that Prince was a similar height to me so that his style will automatically suit me...that's how it works right? RIGHT!?

Obviously I had to channel a bit of Prince into my outift to go see the outdoors screening of "Purple Rain" in Preston Park Manor...I don't feel like I did him much justice, this look is a little subdued compared to my usual attire...(it's hard to walk in platforms across an uneven English park ok?!). I actually own a burgundy/pinkish beret but it's velvet meaning it can't take rain, and since this is England, I was too scared to wear'll just have to imagine how beautifully fitting it would of been for the outfit.


Nailin' It!

Hello Humans!

Last week, I received a set of "claws" and a faux septum from the brand Tribal Vault! They sell a wide range of really awesome alternative accessories like the items I am wearing in the pictures below and look super badass. I wore the claws and septum for a good few hours without any sort of discomfort or problem which is great because the last faux septum I bought felt like it pinched my nose slightly after a short while. This one didn't do that at all and it doesn't feel like it will easily slip off either. The little details on it really add to the overall style of it as well and is really well made for the price.

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